25 Incredible Aztec Eagle Tattoo On Man Upperback

The ancient civilization of the Aztec bestowed special tattoos on their warriors, especially upon completion of their military training. The tattoos were used as a proud symbol of tribal identity and as a way of marking the Aztec rich cultural way of life. Among the more common tattoos done by the Aztecs were the Aztec eagle tattoo designs. The eagle bird was considered brave and fearless, a symbol of courage and honor, and as such earned a special place in this warrior tribe.

The Aztec tribe had very close communion with their environment. This was reflected in their choice of tattoos. The bird motif was a favorite choice and would be designed on either the arms or the torso, but the more popular was Aztec Eagle Tattoo On Man Upper back – the eagle would be done on the upper back of the Aztec warrior with visually stunning effects.


The Eagle warrior class was made up of the bravest of the infantry and was held with a lot of reverence among the Aztec. They were held in high esteem as the elite fighting force of the tribe. They were likely to be members of the nobility or those who had captured the most enemy in war. Their status was glorified in eagle tattoos that were designed on to the upper arms, the torso or the head.

Adorning such a tattoo was the highest accolade that a soldier could receive and it was therefore highly desirable. The Aztec eagle tattoos were only worn by the warrior class that bore the name Eagle.
In the modern day and age, the influence of the Aztec eagle tattoo designs cannot be overestimated.


Today, these tattoos are steeped in mystery, and have become quite popular. Many of the modern military branches and patriotic services have used the eagle tattoos as their mark of identity and commitment to duty. Their choice of the eagle is probably informed by the observable behavior of the eagle itself – it flies and glides high up in the sky with infinite ease, is able to spot its quarry from very high up and swoops down with effortless grace to capture its prize. It is these qualities that have made the eagle a choice symbol among the many fans of tattoos, both in the military services and in the general population.


The mystery and mysticism associated with the history of the Aztec eagle tattoo has enhanced its continued popularity in today’s tattoo culture. What the lover of the Aztec eagle tattoo will appreciate is that it is quite versatile and can be done on a number of places on the body, and whatever the option it will still look appealing. A common thing about the Aztec eagle tattoo is that it was done with the head facing west and with the beak open – the modern fan of tattoo would either have to go with this,a or adopt an appropriate variation.

It is quite obvious from casual observation that the Aztec eagle tattoo design has indeed made an indelible mark in the society.






















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